4 Reasons to Work Locum Tenens After Residency/Fellowship

It is truly a very difficult task to find the perfect job before graduating from Residency or Fellowship.

I can speak first hand to this as my father is a Family Medicine Physician for Mayo Clinic. He was not sure exactly if he wanted to run a practice, work for a small, medium or large healthcare system. He started off in a private practice and understood he quickly was not interested in being involved in the business side of things. He moved to practice at a rural facility where he worked for two years. He then landed at Mayo clinic where he has been for the last 25 + years.

Most of the time, your first position will not be your last.

So instead of signing on permanently to a site, why not work locums?

Here are the reasons why you should work locums after school:

Test Different Systems Out

During your locum career, you will not always be working at level 1 trauma centers, but will experience anything from rural, critical access hospitals to major trauma centers. You might want to start your own practice after working in a few successful practices. You really might enjoy working for a private health system or you just really miss academia.

No matter your end result, when in life do you have the ability to test drive your career without fully committing?


Locum Tenens is a great way for you to test drive not only different practice settings, but allows you to travel and see where you really might want to settle and start a family.

You may have thought “I would never live in this part of the country” but after a few locum assignments, you became very fond of what the city, culture has to offer.

Incredible Income

Locum Tenens is a great way to make not only additional income, but a lot of it. Some locums make as much as they do in a month, in just two weeks of work. Locums are in high demand due to the very nature of their position. You are offering your skill set to an understaffed department and going out of your way to travel and help them out on a monthly basis. You are preventing provider burnout and are assuring the patients needs are being met.


As stated above, you can work 2 weeks a month and make close if not more than you make in a month at your full-time position.

Therefore, you have more free-time to schedule more time with your family and friends and hobbies you put off due to working every week.

Locum tenens is a great way for you to make exceptional income and have a better work-life balance.

So what are you waiting for?

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